Molehill Productions, LLC, owned by Joe Dempsey, is a supplier of studio and location photography, primarily serving a commercial clientele.

Most of the company's photography is via Nikon digital equipment, although an inventory of Nikon film equipment is maintained for those occasions when film is necessary or more appropriate.

Molehill Productions photography subjects include, but are not limited to product, people, animals, street and aerial images.

We also provide digital darkroom services including retouching, removing objects or people, adding objects or people, changing photo backgrounds and color and black and white picture restoration.

Molehill Productions also creates digital art from photos plus logos, emblems and symbols.

We are also printing brokers. We have arrangmenets with several high-quality offset, silkscreen and digital large format printers.

We provide printing management services. In most cases, our printing projects with our fees, come to our clients at a lower cost than the client dealing with the printers as a retail buyer.

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